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Looking For Lift Ontario Lift Seekers
Need A Ride From Vancouver To Prince George On The 27 Of March. The Time And Place For The "rendez-vous"do Not Matter. I Shall Be There! I Can Drive Too. Smocking Or Not Does Not Matter To Me. British Columbia Rideshare Seekers
I Am Looking For A Carpool From Ottawa To Quebec City Ontario Carpool Seekers
Daily Carpooling From Steinbach To Winnipeg.. Manitoba Carpool Providers
Looking For A Ride For 2 From With One Hockey Sized Bag And Possibly One Smaller Sized Suitcase. Willing To Share The Travel Expenses Along The Trip Through Canada To Calgary. Ontario Rideshare Seekers
Hi Alberta Rideshare Providers
Looking Too Carpool From Brandon Manitoba To Calgary,ab. Alberta Carpool Seekers
Looking For A Ride To Moncton From Halifax Nova Scotia Carpool Seekers
Mature Male Looking For Ride To Pei, Will Share Gas And Driving. Ontario Rideshare Seekers
Montreal-moncton Quebec Carpool Seekers
Looking For A Lift Back From Med Hat. Dropping Off A Uhaul Tonight At 9pm. Return Later Tonight Or In The Am Alberta Rideshare Seekers
Going To Calgary On July 17th Or 18th New Brunswick Rideshare Providers
Looking For A Ride Manitoba Rideshare Seekers
Looking For A Ride. Willing To Pay Gas Manitoba Rideshare Seekers
Rideshare St. John's To/onto Port Aux Basques Ferry Newfoundland Rideshare Seekers
Looking For A Carpool From Kleefeld To Winnipeg For Work. I Am Willing To Both Ride And Drive Manitoba Carpool Seekers
Looking To Travel From Ontario To St. John's, Newfoundland Ontario Rideshare Seekers
Looking For Lift British Columbia Lift Seekers
If You Need A Ride From Calgary To Grand Forks Alberta Rideshare Providers
Looking For Ride - Carpool Ontario Carpool Seekers